Community Solar Farms

Buying into a community solar farm means you own the energy generator. Typically, energy generation accounts for 40% of your current electricity bill.

At Positive Energy we realise not everyone can afford to purchase a roof top solar system and battery storage. But by investing in a community solar farm, you can afford and control your very own renewable solar energy.


• Incredibly cheap. Buying into a community solar farm costs about 10% of the cost of a rooftop solar array and battery storage system and receive the same amount of energy.

• Offset purchase costs with Government rebates

• Take it with you. Perfect for residential tenants and businesses as they can take their own energy source to their new property.

• Share your excess energy and secure a passive revenue stream. What you don’t use, we can sell to other community owners or back into the grid

• Technologically superior. We maintain solar panels and battery storage, swapping out the old for the new, ensures that you benefit immediately from advances in technology.

• Low-risk, we insure, maintain and renew solar arrays and batteries as needed (no call out fees).

• You can access cheap renewable energy without defacing your property with racks of solar panels.

• Funding available if needed

• Start from as little as $5 per week

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